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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Italian Job (2003)

Directed by F. Gary Gray
Starred Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham, Seth Green, Mos Def, Edward Norton
2003, United States & France & United Kingdom, English

Another full pack of robbery movie... A great cast, action, surprises. Everything you can expect from a robbery movie. The action dose is little bit more dominated in this one. If the action, cars, guns, chases is the adrenaline-pump factor of a heist movies, you will love it.

Hey, by the way, pay close attention what movie Edward Norton's character watches on TV in the movie ;)

I should also add that the movie awarded Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Movie Award by Academy of Science Fiction & Fantasy & Horror Film Awards and Taurus Award for Best Specialty Stunt by World Stunts Awards.

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If you look for;
well organized robbery
lots of chasing
a serious robbery movie
a movie mainly focused on the robbery

then this is your movie.


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Degree: Pure Theft Movie
Sub-Category: Gold Robbery
Excellence of Robbery Plan: 4/5
Originality of Robbery Plan: 4/5
Quality of Robbery Action Scenes: 5/5
Actors' Performances: 3/5
Excitement Level: 4/5
Surprise Level: 3/5
Comedy Level: 1/5
Originality of the Story in General: 3/5
Rating As A Robbery/Heist Movie: 4/5
Rating the Movie As A Whole: 3/5

Important Reminder: Below trailer might contain important spoilers.


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