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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Entrapment (1999)

Directed by Jon Amiel
Starred Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames, Will Patton, Maury Chaykin,
1999, United States & United Kingdom & Germany, English

Long preparations for robbery. Romantic tension between main characters. Finally, the robbery where all these long preparations gain meaning. Surprises? Of course, yes, many. In my personal opinion not unusual, not shocking ones, but we have.
The movie has all the elements what a robbery movie should have and it isn't a low quality movie at all but something is still missing. What is it? Don't know.

When we look at the movie's award career, it also actually reflects this contrast. The movie is awarded for Best Actor and Actress Awards by Audience in European Film Awards, which is one of the most serious awards in my opinion. The movie was also nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple categories in Razzie Awards, where the worst ones of the year are selected.
In brief, if you see the movie by knowing that the movie doesn't take itself too serious and by knowing that you shouldn't have high expectations, then you can pretty much enjoy it as a robbery movie. Plus a breathtaking Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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If you look for;
well organized robbery
long preparations
romantic tensions between characters
a light robbery movie
a movie mainly focused on pre-robbery

then this is your movie.


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Degree: Pure Theft Movie
Sub-Category: Gold Robbery
Excellence of Robbery Plan: 4/5
Originality of Robbery Plan: 2/5
Quality of Robbery Action Scenes: 4/5
Actors' Performances: 3/5
Excitement Level: 3/5
Surprise Level: 2/5
Humor Level: 1/5
Originality of the Story in General: 2/5
Rating As A Robbery/Heist Movie: 4/5
Rating the Movie As A Whole: 3/5

Important Reminder: Below trailer might contain important spoilers.


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