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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ronin (1998)

Directed by John Frankenheimer
Starred Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone, Stellan Skarsgard, Sean Bean, Jonathan Pryce, Katarina Witt ...
1998, United States & United Kingdom, English with some French and Russian dialogues.

'Ronin' is an ancient Japanese term for a Samurai without a master, used in a manner similar to samurai, but represents a freelance gun or muscle, a mercenary fighter or tough for hire on the street or by connections. A Ronin is considered by many to be untrustworthy. The Ronins are cheaper than Samurai, though, and more readily available. Also known as gunslinger, freelancer, cowboy. 
In my opinion, just as the movie itself. We have very professional actors, who make up a criminal heist gang, wandering around, and chasing after a mysterious case. They don't know who their master is. The cast is high caliber, the movie isn't bad, but the movie keeps wandering without a master moment. Lots of, but lots of and lots of twists, chasing and action. After the movie what I remember is lots of chasing, lots of twists, lots of action. The story? Honestly, I hardly remember.
The movie received a nomination as Best Action/Adventure/Thriller film in Saturn Awards (aka Sci-Fi Oscars), but lost to Saving Private Ryan. One of movie's chasing sequence was also nominated for Best Action Sequence in MTV Movie Awards, lost to Armageddon. 
Olympic figure skating champion, famous Katerina Witt also makes an appearance in the movie.

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If you look for;

a movie entirely focused on a heist
lots of chases and action
lots of twists and surprises
an organized heist

then this is your movie.


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Degree: Pure Theft Movie
Sub-Category: Case Robbery
Excellence of Robbery Plan: 3/5
Originality of Robbery Plan: 3/5
Quality of Robbery Action Scenes: 3/5
Actors' Performances: 3/5
Excitement Level: 3/5
Surprise Level: 3/5
Humor Level: 0/5
Originality of the Story in General: 2/5
Rating As A Robbery/Heist Movie: 2/5
Rating the Movie As A Whole: 3/5

Important Reminder: Below trailer might contain important spoilers.


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