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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Organize Isler / Magic Carpet Ride (2005)

Directed by Yilmaz Erdogan
Starred Yilmaz Erdogan, Tolga Cevik, Cem Yilmaz, Ozgu Namal, Demet Akbag, Oner Erkan, Altan Erkekli, Bican Gunalan, Salih Kalyon, Erdal Tosun, ...
2005, Turkey, Turkish, 106 minutes.

What happens if you find out that the second-hand car you just bought was stolen and what happens if you can find the thieves, while the police can't?  Here is a Turkish caper movie from magically beautiful Istanbul at the hands of Turkey`s most popular comedians. Organize Isler, also known as Magic Carpet Ride has a look at a gang of small-timers from a humorist angle in a city where the theft is kind of part of the daily routine. And yes, it does feature a "Superman".

While the movie focuses mainly on auto theft, it does feature many scenes from pick-pocketing to fraud in caper style. And the director says 'the funeral fraud' was a true story.

The fun story told by talented comedians is accompanied by beautiful sceneries and music will take you to a magic carpet ride. The movie was a big box office hit in Turkey and offers you a different caper with smart jokes and great actings from another corner of the world.

You might remember, the director and actor Yilmaz Erdogan  and his co-star Cem Yilmaz from Russell Crowe`s 2014 movie 'The Water Diviner'.

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If you look for;

a caper with smart jokes
a heist movie from World Cinema

 then this is your movie.


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Degree: Caper Movie
Sub-Category: Auto Theft, Pickpocketing, Grifting/Fraud
Excellence of Robbery Plan: 3/5
Originality of Robbery Plan: 2/5
Quality of Robbery Action Scenes: 3/5
Actors' Performances: 4/5
Excitement Level: 2/5
Surprise Level: 2/5
Humor Level: 4/5
Originality of the Story in General: 2/5
Rating As A Robbery/Heist Movie: 2/5
Rating the Movie As A Whole: 3/5

Important Reminder: Below trailer might contain important spoilers.

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